Saturday, July 18, 2009

GLAM Baby Phat Jeans

Description:Baby Phat Gold Embroidery Jeans (SOLD OUT!!)
Age: 12 mths & 24 mths
Price: RM50


Description:Carters 5 pcs Romper (SOLD OUT)
Age: 6 months & 9 months
Price: RM10(per pc),RM45(1set-5pcs)

Description:Carter's All Star Romper (SOLD OUT)
Age: 6 months & 9 months
Price: RM25


Description:George's Pastel Petite Dress with Underpants(Light Green/Light Pink) SOLD
Age: 1 year old
Price: RM38

Description:Carter's Corduroy Purple Dress (SOLD)
Age: 3 months
Price: RM32

Description: Mothercare Colorful Cotton Dress (SOLD)
Age: 3-6 months & 9-12 months
Price: RM38

Description:Mothercare Watermelon Peach Sundress
Age: 6-9 months
Price: RM40

Levi's Butterfly Embroidery Jeans

Description:Levi's Pastel Embroidery Jeans (SOLD)
Age: 2 years old
Price: RM52

Glam Sweetheart

Description: Next Cute Pastel Bling Top
Age: 4T, 5T & 6T
Price: RM30

Description:Barbie LongSleeves with Pastel Hearts (SOLD)
Age: 3 - 4 years old
Price: RM30

Glam Lullaby No 2

Description:Baby Gap Pyjamas (SOLD)
Age: 2 years old
Price:RM30 NOW RM26

Friday, July 3, 2009


Description:BabyGear Light Pink ("My Heart belongs to Daddy")/White Lavender ("Miss Behaving")/Lilac Romper ("Queen of the Universe") *SOLD*
Age:3 to 6 months & 9 to 12 months

Description:Pink Heart & Georgeous Shocking Pink Romper 2pcs Set (SOLD)
Age: NB to 3 months

Description:Osh Kosh Romper Red Heart/Light Pink
Age:6 months & 9 months
Price:RM26 NOW RM19.90

Description:Target Dark Choc/White Romper 2 pcs Set (SOLD)
Age:3 to 6 months

Description:Next Pink/Lavender Sparkle Top

Age:3 years & 4 years old


Mothercare GLAM Dress

Description:Mothercare Purple Velvet Polka Dress (SOLD)
Age:9 to 12 months

Description:Mothercare Flowery Ribbon Brown Velvet Dress (SOLD)
Age:1 1/2 years to 2 years and 2 years to 3 years old

Description:Mothercare Denim Dress Pink Pocket/Denim Dress Red Stripe
Age:9 to 12 months
Price:RM45 NOW RM35

Description:Mothercare Purple Pink Stripe Summer Dress (SOLD)
Age:3 to 6 months, 9 to 12 months and 12 to 18 months
Price:RM38 NOW RM29.90

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Description:Pumpkin Patch Green Stripe T Shirt (SOLD)
Age:6 to 12 months

Description:Pumpkin Patch Red Romper (SOLD)
Age:3 to 6 months

GLAM Denim Prince & Princess

Description:Levi's Skirt with Cotton Spandex Underpants (SOLD OUT)
Age:18 months,2 years,3 years and 4 years old
Price:RM49 NOW RM46

Description:Osh Kosh Flower Overall (SOLD)
Age:18 months & 24 months
Price:RM48 NOW RM46

Description:Osh Kosh Patch Jeans (SOLD OUT)
Age:9 months,18 months and 24 months
Price:RM52 NOW RM46

Description:Next Jeans with Belt (SOLD)
Age:9 to 12 months
Price:RM55 NOW RM46
Description:Next Jeans (SOLD)
Age:12 to 18 months
Price:RM55 NOW RM46

Glam Lullaby

Description:BabyGap Cotton Red Pyjamas (SOLD)
Age: 4 years

Description:Old Navy Cotton Pyjamas (ALL SOLD)
Age:6 to 12 months,18 to 24 months and 2 years old
Price:RM30 NOW RM26

Description:Old Navy Cotton Pink Tiara Pyjamas (SOLD)
Age: 6 - 12 months
Price:RM30 NOW RM26

Mothercare Sweet Pants

Description:Mothercare Maroon Flower Patch Corduroy
Age:6 to 9 months & 12 to 18 months
Price:RM48 NOW RM35

Description:Mothercare Light Choc Brown Pant
Age:18 to 24 months
Price:RM48 NOW RM35

Gap GLAM Rompers

Desription :GAP Woven Rompers(Pink/Blue) *ALL SOLD except Pink sz 6-12 mths*
Age:3 to 6 months and 6 to 12 months
Price:RM28 NOW RM19.90
Description:GAP Collared Romper (SOLD)
Age:NB & 3 months
Price:RM28 NOW RM 19.90
Description:GAP Red Romper (SOLD)
Age: 0 - 3 months

Carter's GLAM Rompers

Description:Carter's Candy Pink (Mummy & I Love to Shop)
Age:3 mths, 6 mths (SOLD) & 9 mths (SOLD)
Price:RM15 NOW RM10

Description:Carter's Choc Polka Dot,Sky Blue and Candy Pink Rompers
Age:3 to 6 months (SOLD)
Price:RM12/pcs or RM30 for ALL

Osh Kosh Mania

Description:Osh Kosh T Shirt(Tractor)
Age: 18 months
Price:RM32 NOW RM22

Description: Osh Kosh T Shirt(Tractor)
Age: 18 months
Price: RM32 NOW RM22

Description:Osh Kosh T Shirt(Green)
Age: 24 months
Price:RM32 NOW RM22

Description:Osh Kosh T Shirt(Truck)
Age: 18 months
Price:RM32 NOW RM22

Description:Osh Kosh T Shirt(Monkey)
Age: 18 months
Price:RM32 NOW RM22

Description:Osh Kosh T Shirt(Red)
Age: 12 months
Price:RM32 NOW RM22

Description:Osh Kosh Long Sleeves T Shirt(Choc Brown)
Age: 24 months
Price:RM32 NOW RM22

Description:Osh Kosh T Shirt(Frog)
Age: 18 months
Price:RM32 NOW RM22

Description:Osh Kosh T Shirt(Dinosaur)
Age: 24 months
Price:RM32 NOW RM22

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Glam SunDress for the Summer

Description:First Impression Polka Dot Summer Dress (SOLD)
Age: 3 years

Description:BabyGap Red Pink Flower Summer Dress (SOLD OUT!!)
Age:1 year, 2 years and 3 years old

Description:First Impression Little Angel Pink Polka Dress (SOLD)
Age: 18 months
Price:RM28 NOW RM21.90

Description:BabyGap Stripe Pink Dress (SOLD)
Age:1 year old
Price:RM35 NOW RM29.90

Description:Osh Kosh Summer Top
Age:24 months
Price:RM32 NOW RM 19.90

Description:First Impression Pink Ladybird SunDress
Age:6 to 9 months (SOLD)

Description:First Impression Light Green Butterfly SunDress
Age:6 to 9 months (SOLD)